Ever wonder why your eyes are drawn to certain visual art pieces more than others? It all comes down to balance and mimicking the mathematics of the Universe. Each painting is governed by the symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial balancing of its elements.

Symmetrical balance, which includes radial symmetry, repeats patterns of forms systematically. This is where both sides of an art piece are equal and identical or almost identical. This method is visually pleasing because it creates order, stability, rationality and formality. Bilateral symmetry is where elements are mirrored along a horizontal or vertical axis (tree). Radial symmetry is where elements are arranged around a central point (flower).

Asymmetrical balance counterbalances different elements that have equal visual weight and primarily comes from an artist's gut feeling or intuition. This is where the creator really works through the artist to guide them with the positive and negative weight of line, placement, form, shape, texture and colour.

The peace, joy and happiness we experience in life all comes from a place of balance, an art is great reminder of natures perfection.


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