Have an dream, favourite photograph or vivid West Coast memory that just needs to be revealed!? Together lets make it a reality and create a unique art piece for your home. I've really gown to love the whole collaborative experience of breathing life into clients dreams throughout my career. With nearly a decade of commission work experience for clients stretching from Vancouver Island to California I offer affordable rates and shipping to anywhere in the world. Here's a checklist of what I need from you:

First Step

1. A clear concept/idea/photos/description of your future painting, feel free to email or call  me.

2. A budget, estimated size, shape, whether you want it custom framed (view examples in my portfolio), and your time frame.

3. Decide whether you will allow me to make it a part of my collection and make prints of it. This will allow us to negotiate a cheaper price and significantly reduce the overall quote. I also offer a lifetime of quality canvas and paper prints for your family and friends at cost pricing.

4. I ask for a 50% deposit of the total price up front.

Second Step

1. I will do a concept sketch and send to you by email with a paragraph explaining the proposed layout, symbolism/intention and color scheme.

2. I will paint and give you a proposed date of completion and arrival by shipping. I prefer the finished piece to be a surprise on arrival, but if you really want to view it before hand photos can be arranged.

3. I will ship it after the total has been paid through e-transfer or my website. See Customer Service section in my website footer for info regarding shipping, privacy, refunds, and FAQ's.


This is an area that is totally new to me but a journey I'm really excited to dive into. If your interested in graphic design work for your business or privately I'd love to hear from you and dream up a digital concept. My design method combine graphite sketches with digital apple pencil/iPad rendering. In the next year I hope to offer custom prints, vinyl stickers and silk screened clothing options for clients, all printed locally in the beautiful Comox Valley.


Have a special art piece in your home that needs some extra West Coast flare? I specialize in creating unique hand-made wooden canvas frames made with locally salvaged Fir, Pine, and Cedar. These straight-cut, live edge, dritwood and teredo worm wood frames accent your art and can be designed to match your spaces warmth and colours scheme. Check out my Canvas/Wood Frame product pages for examples of each style and pricing. Frames are 1x2" with a floating offset to fit any canvas depth.


Straight Cut Red Cedar/Driftwood: $1.25 a linear inch

Live Edge Red Cedar/Teredo Worm Wood: $1.5 a linear inch