"As creative dreamers, our imaginations are our greatest tools for healing the world."

Andrew Talbot grew up exploring and photographing the far corners of the island from an early age. Inspired by years of surf trips, hikes and kayaking along the west coast, his canvases offer a glimpse into the sacred places that connect us with nature and our inner beings. Each painting starts with an image and a vision and ends telling a story and capturing a feeling. A product of the thriving environment and culture that is Vancouver Island.

I’ve always felt a deep connection to the ocean, mountains and forests surrounding the Island. There's a raw, wild, and vibrant energy that constantly fuels me and shapes my flow. It's a force that has always called me back over the years, and I'm so grateful to be living locally again and pursuing visual art full time. The medium I use is acrylic on canvas and wood, applied with brushes, paint pens and airbrush. All prints are locally printed in the Comox Valley using giclee and laser printers. I specialize in creating quality prints on canvas, fine art paper, cardstock, magnets and stickers. Each canvas is a truly unique West Coast piece, accented with salvaged local driftwood and red cedar frames. My favourite things to paint on are dried Red Belt conks, picked in the rainforests of Vancouver Island, and Red Cedar panels salvaged from local mills.