My project this past winter was to go back to the basics and see what I could create from some basic illustrations I had in my sketchbook. I've always been in love with stickers eve since I can remember so I wanted to create some new art products that could be displayed on any flat surface and in all weather conditions. This first batch of large decals are designed specifically for boards, vehicles and laptops. The colour palette I used is CMYK which is made up of more natural earth tones and creates a more classic vintage look. Later this year I hope to have some smaller sizes as well and different clear back black and white options. I'm also hoping to set up a silk screening station and experiment with getting these designs on clothing.
This series of images celebrates our connection to Mother Gaia as we return to the Wilder places in search of adventure, clarity and grounding. All the elements of water earth and fire are represented which tie into our connection to spirit and life force energy. I've added the number 8 to a few of the designs which symbolizes the infinite cycle of death an rebirth. It's a symbol that has lead me forward throughout my life and is always a beautiful reminder that I'm on the right path.





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