Whether we’re gliding on boards, manifesting our next step through life or learning from past experiences, there’s a powerful state in this shared existence that unites all dualities. It’s not really a force, but instead an arrangement that holds all energy and matter in sacred equilibrium, BALANCE. Guided by Universal intelligence it’s the ultimate level of organization that all life strives for. This mysterious, in between resting place is easily observed in the natural world, but as we age it become increasingly more elusive, hiding between the lines of our unraveling stories and wild minds. As we collectively evolve and begin to awaken into higher states of consciousness, this enlightenment is really a deeper journey towards Universal harmony. It’s a subtle, fluttering state of being, a dance that sways and bends with each mood, experience, and lifetime. As we do the work, learn, grow and find the right practices, we are inviting in this perfect alignment. Sometimes we carry too much and the scale tips into realms of suffering, other times we ascend too high and loose ourselves. By letting go of attachment to these extremes we return to our natural state of homeostasis, a place of peace, clarity and focus. Inspired by my love of the ocean and eastern philosophies, this illustration combines elements of Buddhism, surfing and self. The symmetry of these spiritual and physical symbols mirrors the balance, perfection and beauty found in nature. For me surfing is the greatest grounding force and healer, the ultimate union of movement and meditation.

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