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Vinyl Art Stickers

No wall space? No problem, the world is now yours for the stickin'

These premium quality waterproof custom die-cut stickers come in a classic matte finish and are perfect for cars, water bottles, laptops and sports equipment. They're specifically designed and tested for the harshest elements so you can bring them wherever you roam.

The West Coast Story

This is a scene that’s been burnt into my mind countless times in the
lineup at Sombrio Beach. It’s a place of transformation where towering
Sitkas and Red Cedars meet thundering seas, and where lichen covered
trunks shimmer like ghostly totems guarding the shores. As our breaths
synchronize with the crashing waves and we pause between sets, eagles
ride the coastal updrafts and cry out above with words of freedom.
It’s a zone shaped by extremes, movement and abundance, carved out
from the elements, laid out in layers, where mountain mists weave
amongst the canopies and waterfalls dance on driftwood. In this piece
I wanted to capture all these beautiful lines and layers of the Juan
De Fuca coast, that blend together in blurred unison as the mists and
rains blanket our edge of the Earth. Memories of rinsing off in the
cascading creeks in the light of a new day cling to us in mystical
layers as we return to the warmth of the fire and share stories of the
magic and mystery that surround us.