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Giclee Print on Canvas

Printed locally in the beautiful Comox Valley on acid free museum quality canvas, hand wrapped with care, and UV clear coated to keep your colours vibrant for 150+ years.

Showcasing the natural curves of our local Red Belt Fungi (Forest Echoes), each Echo is hand harvested and dried out over several weeks, creating a one of a kind West Coast art piece.

Traditionally, First Nations Tribes gathered Forest Echoes along the West Coast for their medicinal and energetic properties. They believed that they caused echoes in the woods and placed them in their houses for protection from dark energy. As saprophytes they create new life from death, and are revered for their potent immune boosting compounds that may very well save the world one day.

Custom Framing

All custom wood frames are lovingly hand made from salvaged wood found locally in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Driftwood is gathered from beaches, dried and milled, and Red Cedar is hand picked from waste piles at a local Cedar mill.

The West Coast Story

This piece was based off my favourite photo: the first human captured shot of Mother Earth taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 on December 7th, 1979. It’s a photograph that shifted the worlds collective consciousness and forever changed the lives of the astronauts that viewed our lonely planet that day. When we open ourselves up to awe, meditation, psychedelics and any movement or practice that brings us back to the moment, we expand ourselves past the mind and ego. For the millions of humans that saw that photo, it was a reminder that something broader, more connected and more complete existed inside them. I found this mature Red Belt Fungi on the Sunshine Coast when I was working as a Forest Tech. Weighing over 15 pounds, I carried it back through the forest in my cruiser vest to the truck a few kilometers away. With a perfect spherical burl on the bottom it took me years of dreaming to finally decide on the Mother Earth piece. It’s hard to tell in the print but the Earth and Moon are actually 3D and extend out from the base.