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Fine Art Paper Prints

Printed on Epson enhanced matte paper with museum quality archival pigment ink these giclee fine art prints are the closest you can get to the real deal. With colours guaranteed for 75+ years they are a great investment for any art collection.

Printed locally with love in the beautiful Comox Valley.

Showcasing the natural curves of our local Red Belt Fungi (Forest Echoes), each Echo is hand harvested and dried out over several weeks, creating a one of a kind West Coast art piece.

Fungi have always been my favourite canvases to paint, beginning with the hunt deep in the rain forest. This painting was inspired by a remote surf break north of Tofino where Pacific swells meet majestic snow capped peaks. It's a scene that captures everything I love about a coastal Winter, as Island natives survive, thrive and glide through the elements.

Traditionally, First Nations Tribes gathered Forest Echoes along the West Coast for their medicinal and energetic properties. They believed that they caused echoes in the woods and placed them in their houses for protection from dark energy. As saprophytes they create new life from death, and are revered for their potent immune boosting compounds that may very well save the world one day.

The West Coast Story

A perfect surf break is a complex creation, if even one of the ingredients is missing it will cease to exist. Like the beginning of life on earth, it needs all the right conditions to occur, and when they come together, a wave is born. Direction, tides, currents, depth and shape of the ocean floor, exposure and prevailing wind patterns all play a role in sculpting the Pacific North West swells. Some breaks turn on just once every five years, while others are more consistent and dependable. Throughout my life, I’ve come to realize that surfing is much more than a sport or action. It’s an invitation to play in the fleeting dance of nature and creation, surrounded by a landscape and energy that’s colliding into harmony, moment by moment, ripple by ripple. Sometimes it only takes a quick drive or boat ride to find that rare ocean gem. Fueled by the warmth of flickering campfires, of old salty memories and the wild coastal energy that surrounds our Island paradise. We dive through icy river mouths, bobbing with the bull kelp in a synchronized rhythm, every cell, every neuron in our bodies engaged and connected to the water, wind, rainforests and mountains. Creatures with scales, feathers and fur surround us, and the significance of such a miraculous moment cocoons us like wet neoprene. The search is over, the waiting is over, the dreaming is over, because in this tiny corner of the universe all the elements came together and time stood still.