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An Original Pencil Sketch Reproduced Digitally using the IPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Giclee Print on Canvas

Printed locally in the beautiful Comox Valley on acid free museum quality canvas, hand wrapped with care, and UV clear coated to keep your colours vibrant for 150+ years.

Custom Framing

All custom wood frames are lovingly hand made from salvaged wood found locally in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Driftwood is gathered from beaches, dried and milled, and Red Cedar is hand picked from waste piles at a local Cedar mill.

The West Coast Story

“Wrapped in the light of the evenings glow, warmed by the notes as the story unfolds.”

As our tiny sphere of stoke dances further from the sun with each passing autumn day, we ascend from the coast to find a new Earth in crystalline form. Boards split, bindings click, warm skins stick, and a new chapter’s written as we return to the sky. With each silent glide, through each misty breath, we connect with our blue planet in all its forms. Climbing higher, we balance between worlds, freezing, melting and rising in union, transformed by temperature in a feat of divine alpine alchemy. It’s this return to the higher, thinnest places of the Pacific North-West that offer the greatest gifts of clarity, freedom and light through the darkest cycles. A space where we feel weightless and grounded in the each moment, as our souls rejoice in the illumination of our shared existence.